A High Quality, Potent, and Healthy CBD Snack

Full-Spectrum CBD

We use a full-spectrum CBD extract containing natural cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. All of our hemp is locally sourced from Colorado and holistically farmed.


We paired our full-spectrum CBD with nutritious cashews, pecans, pepitas, and peanuts for natural energy and recovery— the essentials for fueling active lifestyles.

High Quality

Along with using the highest quality extracts, we source 100% natural ingredients that are hand picked to blend together perfectly to deliver a gourmet experience.

Numb Nuts
- Est. 2018 -

the greatest nuts you’re ever gonna get

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Gluten Free

Natural Energy

Nuts are a natural and healthy source of energy. Numb Nuts never uses corn syrup, GMOs, or any other un-natural ingredients or additives.

Lab Tested

Our CBD is third-party tested to guarantee CBD potency and purity standards are met. 

CO2 Extracted

Numb Nuts uses a full-spectrum extract—delivering the safest and most potent CBD products on the market.

Hemp Derived

Our hemp is locally sourced from a Colorado farm that specializes in holistic growing practices and is 100% pesticide free.

When you need that
extra kick

Nuts are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, fiber, and healthy fat that will provide you with everything you need to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Created For Active Lifestyles

Built for activity and your healthy lifestyle. Packed with amino acids & folate—nuts keep blood vessels and organs like your heart elastic and efficiently pumping. 

Bring the Fun

Numb Nuts are not only healthy, they’re also delicious! Providing the perfect blend of sweet and spicy—they’re a fun & healthy snack that is also perfect for entertaining and game nights!

Find us at a store near you!

  • Alfalfa’s Market – Boulder, CO & Louisville, CO
  • Boulder Beer Emporium – Boulder, CO
  • Boulder Wine Merchant – Boulder, CO
  • Bova’s Market – Boulder, CO
  • Buddha’s & Goudha’s – Boulder, CO
  • Complete ReLeaf – Lafayette, CO
  • Cured – Boulder, CO
  • Jackrabbit Restaurant – Portland, OR
  • Jones + Co – Boulder, CO
  • Liquor Mart – Boulder, CO
  • Lolita’s Market – Boulder, CO
  • New Harvest Wellness – Boulder, CO
  • Niwot Market – Niwot, CO
  • Pantry LA – West Hollywood, CA

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          What makes our nuts so special? Several things. We use 100% natural ingredients, quality CBD, and a tried and tested recipe to bring you the healthiest and most flavorful nuts on the market. Don’t believe us? Try them yourself!

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